Creative Movement - age 3-6
Young children will learn beginning dance concepts in ballet and tap through creative imagery, stretching and strengthening movements, songs and constructive play exercises.  Introduction of  ballet and tap terminology, including positions of feet, arms and basic articulation of feet for tap work.  This class will help to develop large motor skills, concentration as well as cognitive and cognitive and behavioral awareness.

Ballet Class
- age 7 and up
Classical ballet technique at graded and age appropriate levels will develop the fundamental core strength necessary to excel in all forms of dance.  Barre, center floor and across the floor work exercises will focus on achieving correct body alignment, strength, balance, fluid grace and the discipline that is necessary to ultimately express oneself through dance.

Enjoy the fun of learning the rhythms of classic tap steps as well as the inventiveness of current tap movements.  This class teaches correct tap terminology, patterns and proper execution of many tap steps through exercises at the barre, center floor and across the floor work.  Choreography ranges from  Broadway to character to street tap.

Strong technique is stressed in this class that incorporates both classical and contemporary styles of jazz.  Fundamental core strength, isolation of individual portions of the body and coordination are developed during floor, center, barre work and creative choreography.  We stress expression and showmanship leading to a powerful performance.

The main focus of this solid technique class is to break from traditional dance and find full emotional expression through movement.  It incorporates the styles of Graham, Horton, Limon and Humphrey.

Urban Jazz (Hip Hop - utilizing clean lyrics or instrumental music)
Learn the hottest moves that include street and funk styles through basic warm-up, floor slides, plus original and creative choreography.